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Last week, the GOP stormed Tampa and changed the election season, some say. But now it’s our turn! . .

Yesterday I left my home in Newport News, Virginia in a driving rainstorm that accompanied me, or should I say I accompanied it, for the five hour drive to Charlotte. The day before, thanks to Congressman Bobby Scott, we had a gala pre-Labor Day event in King-Lincoln Park where we registered quite a few new voters. And we will certainly need them. It’s bound to be a squeaker in November.

I guess I could be called a moderate, maybe even a moderate conservative. But I have been a contributor, in every sense of the word, to then Senator Barack Obama even before he formally entered the race in ’08. As a close observer of his presidency, I have second-guessed him at times. But I am not at all disappointed with his personal or political performance, decision-making, or demeanor. The Democratic Party, though, that’s a different story. . .

I got in late last night and compensated, perhaps over-compensated, for my trials and tribulations on the road with a ribeye steak, sweet baby carrots, seasoned turnip greens and a tossed salad bathed in vinagarete. Then off to the official “meet and greet.” armed with a diet coke on ice I ambled around searching out delegates who had come in earlier who could give me the skinny.

Yes, those Democrats have many, too many if you ask me, national and state leaders who are badly compromised just like the Republicans. Publicly, they purport to be representative of middle and working class families; however, personally, many are themselves One Percenters or dependent upon the One Percenters for their bread and butter.

Last night Jay Bhandari, a delegate from Fairfax, Virginia, gave me this bit of very good news. Virginia seems to be a cinch for Obama. They have six Asian-American and Latino candidates just in his area. The demographics, statewide, are trending away from the GOP, and the turnout of Asian Americans and Latinos, not to mention Blacks, promises to be of historic proportions. Let’s hope so.

The Democrats publicly embrace policies that appeal to their constituents, but behind closed doors they concede far more than their opponents. Yes, middle class voters count in their eyes, but they are counting their money too. As for me, personally, I have become increasingly progressive on social issues like immigration, LGBT equality, and women’s health. On economic issues, perhaps the single most important theme of this election season, we are going to have to get our act together.

And that is the $64,000 dollar question, isn’t it? “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Yesterday on the Sunday talk shows the Dems sort of flubbed it. Let’s see what we say tonight.  I’ll be giving you my insights and impressions from ringside, right there in the middle of the convention floor.

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