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The Autobiography Of Malcolm X This book should be required reading in every secondary school in the country for several reasons. Let me count the whys. The Autobiography of Malcolm X illustrates how someone can emerge from the depths of crime and depravity to, not only clean themselves up and walk the straight and


The Day The Earth Shook Still 8/23/11

THIS IS FACT. On August 23, 2011, the following took place. . . . The oil rich African country of Libya, fell to US and French backed rebels. . . . The former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), top candidate for prime minister of France, had rape charges against him dropped in New York. . .

The Day The Earth Shook Still 8/23/112011-09-10T01:22:45-04:00

Just Finished Reading The Malcolm X Book…

I just finished reading Manning Marable’s biography of Malcolm X. Let’s address the controversial claims that it made, the key ideas it contained, and also some of the fascinating coincidences that it brought to light. Malcolm X, like Martin Luther King, was assassinated at the age of 39, that is, on the eve of turning

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Black Professor Is Building A Time Machine

Dr. Ronald Mallett is building a time machine. He is a theoretical physicist who received his doctorate from Penn State and who is now based at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Mallett first conceived the idea to build a time machine at the age of 10. His father was a television repairman who lived with

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THE HELP: A Servant By Another Name Is Still A Servant

Does the new film, The Help, show Black actresses playing maids to illustrate truths about a bygone era, or simply as cover to exploit and demean them as the movies have always done? The first feature length movie Hollywood produced was D. W. Griffith’s 1915 film, Birth of A Nation. Up until then movies never

THE HELP: A Servant By Another Name Is Still A Servant2012-08-05T10:35:48-04:00

From OJ to Casey Anthony & the Development of the American Mob Mentality

No sooner did the verdict in the Anthony case come in then a whole slew of “media personalities” began screaming bloody murder. A motley crew of lawyers, would-be lawyers and could not be lawyers began bellowing in outrage, and they have not stopped yet. They had already convinced the American people which way the case

From OJ to Casey Anthony & the Development of the American Mob Mentality2011-09-09T10:13:47-04:00

Under The Reign Of A Black President

Two years ago the impossible came to be. What would happen in the years ahead was something we did not even think of. It was as if time stopped dead in its tracks. Of course it did not, rather it continued on its relentless march. Look now at what has come to pass! Under the

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Universal Meditation

Seems the wider our vista on nature, the more beauty it is that we behold. Is not a blade of grass pretty, a field stunning and a valley more breath taking still? When you look at the spiraling galaxies, the spectacularly haunting nebulae many, many, many light years across in expanse, biggest objects in the

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