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New York Mayor Bloomberg keeps deriding the proliferation of gun violence in the country. Strange coming from him when the NYPD is part and parcel of this deadly problem. In the shooting today in Times Square, police shot at least 8 bystanders in apprehending a man who had shot one individual. A week ago a in Times Square man with a knife surrounded by police was shot so many times that a number of officers suffered partial hearing loss from the fusillade. Authorities have yet to reveal how many bullets were fired.

In the Sean Bell case a few years ago, 51 bullets were fired at two unarmed men. One officer fired his gun 31 times. Bullets whizzed past people sleeping in their beds in nearby buildings. And blocks away two transit officers at an elevated subway station were injured by flying glass. The NYPD pursued Ramarley Graham into his home and shot the unarmed youth to death in his own apartment. I could go on and on, but you know the score. Apparently Mayor Bloomberg does not. His police stopped more than 500,000 Black men in illegal stop and frisks for each of the past five years,  many of these results in needless confrontations and shootings. The media is not covering any of this at all.  Perhaps because he is a billionaire or perhaps because he owns one of the major media outlets in the city, Bloomberg Radio.

The reporters in covering today’s shooting in Times Square appear much more interested in assuring viewers around the country and the world that New York City is a safe tourist destination, than in getting to the bottom of the story. One thing is for sure, Times Square and the city as a whole would be a lot safer if the mayor and the NYPD commanders reined in their officers providing them with better training, supervision and respect for the deadly weapons they carry to discharge their duties to the citizens of this great city.

by Dr. Arthur Lewin, author of Africa Is Not A Country: It’s A Continent, www.AfricaUnlimited.com

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