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ROMNEY vs. OBAMA + The Issue of Race

Romney is not a racist nor Obama a revolutionary. Nonetheless,  these are the perceptions many are forming.  Romney is running as an arch conservative, though his record as governor of Massachusetts was just the opposite, and none of his political stances are likely set in stone if past behavior be any guide.

Last go round Obama ran on a peace platform and on hopes for fundamental change in society. Our wars have been unrelenting, and the question of race, and that of privilege, loom large as ever. Obama may have been constricted by the Republican opposition. And there were things he could not have said in his first term that would have endangered his re-election, though, there’s no guarantee he will say them after November.

Romney can in similar vein claim that when he acted as a liberal governor, and now speaks as a rigid conservative, he is just being practical, employing a means to an end namely that of getting things done. But each man’s caution brings us back to the same basic policies. There is a preset direction to America’s political course, and whomever the captain of the ship of state may be, we are basically going on automatic pilot. Yes, a different tweak here or there acted out in over the top fashion on the media’s stage.

An mainstay of the colorful tumult are the Birthers. No matter what proof they are shown, they will forever swear that Barack Obama is a Muslim foreign agent, who somehow slipped past the FBI and the CIA, working diligently to destroy the country from the inside. A belief so outlandish that one has to wonder if there is not some other unstated motive for their virulent, often hateful, opposition to President Obama. Race is the likely answer. A Black man sits in the Oval Office. A Black family lives and thrives in the White House as First Family with pride of place before the nation and the world.

The fact that this sentiment widely exists makes African America even more fiercely protective of the image and reputation of President Obama, irrespective of whether or not he has or has not done anything much for the Black community. Meanwhile, their strong support of Obama inflames those dead set against him, and vice versa in a perpetual, intensifying cycle.

The United Sates has been undergoing a protracted period of demographic change. The Black and Brown population is moving to parity with the white, after which they will quickly become the majority.  This underlying reality is the hidden platform being used to rally working class whites against Obama and his party. The people paying to develop and exploit this mindset are well-placed members of the establishment fighting to preserve their financial status.

Meanwhile, the rich well-placed elements behind Obama have chosen to move with the tide of history not against it. Hence, they support the Black symbol of accomplishment that is Obama, but really only the symbol. And they are willing to pay more in taxes to forestall class warfare, but not enough to eliminate class divisions. Thus, there is no essential difference between Barack Hussein Obama and Willard Mitt Romney. Nonetheless, passions released and stoked during this election cycle may prove hard to contain once it is over.

by Dr. Arthur Lewin, www.AfricaUnlimited, www.BlackStudies.net

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