THIS IS FACT. On August 23, 2011, the following took place.

. . . The oil rich African country of Libya, fell to US and French backed rebels.

. . . The former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), top candidate for prime minister of France, had rape charges against him dropped in New York.

. . . An earthquake struck New York and the entire East coast heavily damaging the Washington monument.

. . . Forecasters began to warn of a devastating hurricane coming straight for the US Northeast coast.

Dominique Strauss-Khan, DSK, stepped down as the head of the IMF after being charged with assaulting a West African born hotel maid in New York City. Before these charges were brought, he was widely expected to be elected head of France. He has repeatedly faced sexual allegations of various kinds in the past.

DSK is said to be the key to maintaining the IMF and the solvency of the world financial system.  He has strongly advocated for the removal of the US dollar as world currency. Most of the countries in Africa and many in the Caribbean and throughoutLatin America are deeply in debt to the International Monetary Fund. Their debt payments to this organization are choking their economies and bringing them directly under Western control. . .

THIS IS SPECULATION. The long predicted effects of global warming, severe storms, battering and inundating coastal areas around the world, is here. It stems from the unregulated, ever increasing use of fossil fuels. The war in Libya was launched to both get hold of precious oil resources and to topple a long time foe of Western interests in Africa.

DSK was charged with rape in an attempt by his political opponents in France, and here in America, to prevent him from becoming head of France. However, it is also true that he did commit rape. He is so well placed that he can get away with anything, absolutely anything, and he has been doing so for quite awhile now. The difference is that this time he was not given an automatic get out of jail card.

Yes, it is quite true, that he is the only one who can maintain the IMF and the world financial system, as presently constituted. However, the world financial system must be revamped. It is increasingly, relentlessly, concentrating the wealth of the world in fewer and fewer hands.

There are many tales, centered on France, of secret groups vying for world domination, based on events dating back to the Crusades. DSK is connected to these tales, or to belief in these tales, and may well emerge as head of France and most influential economic figure in the world in 2012 and, as such, he may arguably become the most powerful man on earth, next to, or perhaps even eclipsing the president of the United States. . .

THIS IS FICTION. A squat figure in a tailored business suit strode confidently into the  courtroom.  The smiling man, flanked by police, knew he was to be released. The newspapers, the day before as if on cue, had spilled the beans. The judge gaveled the court to order and began to read from the script, but then there was a shift.

Everything tilted. The Frenchman’s knees buckled. The spectators screamed and ran for the exits. Outside, people were gathered in trembling knots or else running amok. But one man was not cowed. Dreadlocks streaming, black chest bared, head thrown back he loudly declared.

“Time is running out! Do you hear!  This is a sign from Jah! God the Almighty is displeased with our inequities. People, listen! Listen! Listen to the sound of the Earth!  Judgement Day is Near! You hear! Judgement Day is Near! You hear!”



The powerful Frenchman did not hear. He was hustled into a dark green limo that zoomed off past the cowering crowds. Later, he flew on a private jet out of Kennedy airport as the sky lowered and darkened well in advance of the brewing monster storm. The squat man peered out the window sipping a thousand dollar cognac. He thought of his triumphant return home. He thought of how he would remain quiet for awhile, before beginning anew his quest, his quest for the rulership of France and his chance at, yes, he thought, I can say it now to myself. They tried but they failed. Nothing, no one can stop what is fated to be. He looked down scornfully at what he was sure would be his domain. All of it. Every bit of it, he swore. . .

Yes, August 23, 2011 was the day the Earth Shook. Still, though, it might not be too late if we but heed the warning signs. Will we?