Seems the wider our vista on nature, the more beauty it is that we behold. Is not a blade of grass pretty, a field stunning and a valley more breath taking still? When you look at the spiraling galaxies, the spectacularly haunting nebulae many, many, many light years across in expanse, biggest objects in the eternal night of space, don’t your eyes moisten?

They say once you cross its event horizon you are pulled into a Black hole and drawn into eternity. Is that what life is? Could it be that death is, for each of us, our own personal Black hole? And is judgement day the end of time, the Last Judgement, the resolution of the universe?

Some say when the universe reaches its full expanse, it shall contract back into the initial singularity, and the Big Bang will repeat itself in an endless cycle in an oscillating universe. If that’s so, so too with life. We move forward toward death, and upon reaching it, go into a Nothingness that ends when we begin to live our lives again, going backwards, all our actions repeated but going backwards towards conception, and then forward again in an oscillating lifetime. Note how a movie played backwards makes perfect reverse sense, as effect precedes cause. It doesn’t make sense now to us as we move forward. But, come to think of it, which way is forward and which backward? But what difference does it make. All that matters is that one follows the other.

Similarly, we’re told there was a war in heaven and the Devil lost. But if he had won, would we think evil good, and good evil? And so how do we know if the right side won? Is there a right side? On every map North is always pictured on top, South on the bottom, but is it really? No. They are equal. And even the poles of the earth, periodically, reverse. Might not everything in creation too?